Installation Instructions

(This does NOT include JEEP Mounting Brackets)

A very common problem when fitting brackets onto your vehicle is placement of the brackets. The easiest way to mount the brackets to your vehicle is to place brackets on the light bar first. After the bolts have been tightened down from the light bar onto the brackets, fit your brackets onto the vehicle. Slide them until they are in the correct placement. 

(Tip) you can use painters edging tape when sliding the brackets up and down or back and forth to ensure your paint does not get scratched. This tape is thick enough to provide protection to ensure it does not scratch off your paint and is easy to peel off without leaving a sticky tape residue on your vehicle once you have completed the process.

Once you have the correct placement, use a sharpie and mark the holes. 

Remove Light Bar from Brackets.

Place brackets onto the holes that are marked. 

Drill self drilling screws into vehicle. 

Bolt on light bar. 

If your brackets still do not fit, please do NOT modify the brackets in ANY way, until you have spoken with us. 

The curvature of every brand light bar is different. If you have an issue fitting the brackets after the steps above are completed, your brackets may need to be angled 1 to 3 degrees on the end of the mounting bracket. 

If you have a table, vice grips, cardboard and a little strength, this process is simple. 

Place the bracket in the vice grips attached to the table with cardboard surrounding the ends of the brackets. (This protects the paint)

Measure about an inch and a half in from the end of the bracket and put a little pressure on the end, it will bend, creating the 1 to 3 degrees needed to fix the curvature issue. 

If you have ANY questions regarding these steps, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.