What sets us apart from other manufacturers?

What sets us apart from other manufacturers?

Most LED light bars come with brackets already made for the light bar to attach to your specific make and model of your vehicle. The problem with this is that most light bars are made and imported from China. These companies take specs from manuals or off the internet and use a hypothesis as to what the angles should be and which vehicles the brackets will fit. In other words, they "guess" what will fit your vehicle. 

Our brackets are fitted and tested before we release them to a specific model

At times, there are some light bars that do not fit our brackets. This problem usually occurs only in curved light bars and its due to the curvature of the light bar. We simply cannot stock every light bar sold in the world. We test fit all of our products with LED light bars from companies that we have business relationships with. However, if you purchase our brackets and they do not fit due to this very common issue, all you would need to do is send back the brackets that do not fit and we will replace them for free with another pair after establishing the solution to the problem.  

We have a LIFETIME guarantee on our brackets!

If at any time your brackets break due to a manufacturers error or defects, we will replace them for free. 

The most common complaint we receive is, "I bought a LED light bar off Amazon, the brackets that came with it do not fit my vehicle." In this instance, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in a world full of competitive pricing and huge companies that believe profit is the biggest concern and not quality, in these cases, you get what you pay for. Our product cost is higher than others because we believe our products are a better quality than the "Amazon special". (If you would like to know every step taken for our products, please visit our blog titled "Process of Brackets". 

Our products are made right in our shop using nothing but 100% American Steel. 

Chinese steel is cheaper because it is not as durable as american steel. I have attached a link to provide you with some interesting information about the difference in American steel and Chinese steel that provides valuable information to you as a consumer to think twice about purchasing chinese steel made products.

Oct 20th 2015 Kahl Kreations

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