Process of making mounting brackets

Process of making mounting brackets

Making brackets is a tedious process, especially when there are so many different vehicles that need brackets for different size light bars. Here, I will discuss Kahl Kreations process is in making brackets from start to finish. I will not however disclose what gauge steel we use or measurements to ensure that no one can copy our products.

First, we usually have a customer that can't find brackets for their vehicle. We talk to the customer and ask them exactly what they have visioned for their mounting brackets and come to a rough design in our heads for the customer. 

We take down the customers information, the make, model and trim of their vehicle and let them know that we will try our best to find a vehicle that matches theirs to make a template for the brackets. (Sometimes locating a vehicle is the hardest and most time consuming process)

We put the word out to locate the vehicle (this is the part that generally takes a while since scheduling to use someones vehicle to make the brackets takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours start to finish). It can take us up to a month sometimes to locate a vehicle, especially if it is an older model vehicle.

Once we have found a vehicle, we have to schedule the owner of the vehicle to either drop their vehicle off at our shop or they can stay with their vehicle for the entire time. 

Once the owner of the vehicle arrives, it's time to get to work! We start by using cardboard templates and place them on the vehicle. We measure the distance between the brackets on the windshield or on the cab (depending on what style brackets the customer wants). 

We then have to draw up the brackets on our design software. (This step can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on if the customer wants a custom cut out or custom design) Every line has to be straightened out, every angle has to be correct to ensure precise cutting. 

Once the image is complete, it's time to cut out the brackets using our plasma cutting table. 

The sheet of steel is placed on the table and the machine cuts it out. (To cut an entire sheet of metal takes 45 minutes to an hour)

Once the metal has been cut out, we can now start bending and tapping the metal. 

We do the tapping and bending by hand. We do not have machines that do this process for us. Bending and tapping for just one set of brackets takes roughly about 30 minutes. 

After the bending and tapping is complete, the brackets are ready for test fitting. 

We fit the brackets onto the vehicle, if there are any issues, this is when we make the corrections. 

After the brackets are fitted and ready, we then send them to be powder coated. 

At this point, the process is out of our hands so to speak. We do not powder coat in our shop, therefore we have to wait on our products to be powder coated. From drop off to pick up takes anywhere from 2 to 3 business days. 

Once the product has arrived back to us from powder coat, we check over the brackets once more to make sure there are no defects. 

We package up the product, print out shipping labels and mark them as shipped on the website. If you have registered as a user on our website you will receive updates via email. If you ordered as a "guest", you will not receive these updates but can e-mail us about the status of your order and we will let you know when to expect your product. 

Custom brackets or brackets that are not on our website can take as little as 2 weeks to as much as a month to receive. 

Our stock brackets (brackets with our logo) take 5 to 7 business days to complete. Most products right now are on a made to order basis. 

We have made brackets that NO ONE else has ever sold. We do NOT put all of our brackets that we have made on our website because then those customers would not have the unique one of a kind brackets they wanted. We are capable of producing any mounting brackets, in any style, for any vehicle, with any design that you want. If the customer has the time to wait, we have the time to ensure a high quality, eye catching product that will set you and your vehicle apart from the average LED light bar users that you will want to brag about! 

Feb 15th 2014 Kahl Kreations

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